What's amusing about amusia?

Welcome to 4Amusia.com, a place to find out more about something called amusia. If you're not familiar with amusia, here is what Wikipedia says about it: "Amusia is a musical disorder that appears mainly as a defect in processing pitch but also encompasses musical memory and recognition." (This is a "sticky post" dated in the future so it always appears first.)

Some studies suggest that about 4% of people are born with amusia. This is referred to as congenital amusia, which has been described as "a deficit in fine-grained pitch discrimination" (Wikipedia).

In 2018, I discovered that I am one of those people. That discovery has impacted my outlook on life in numerous ways, some of which may be hard for some people to understand (based on my initial efforts to describe them).

When time permits, I plan to blog about my own journey with amusia. Meanwhile, I will posting commented links about amusia. Those link posts will be brief posts and should not be taken as endorsements of the content to which I link.

The look and feel of the site may change over time, whenever I get a chance to smarten it up; however, I am also color blind (deutan), so please excuse any jarring color choices you may encounter here.

As for "what's amusing about amusia?" I am inclined to answer: not much. However, your experience may be different. I will say this: while the stigma of being a tone deaf child was unpleasant, and the decades spent failing to learn a musical instrument were frustrating, and while I experienced deep sadness at not being able to express my feelings in song in the presence of other humans; nevertheless, learning that there is a physical basis for these limitations, rather than some character defect, was quite liberating!

Any yes, I do enjoy music! One day I may even make some of my own.


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